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Saint Sebastian Chapel

St. Sebastian’s Chapel is a simple cube-shaped building that was made of brick and terracotta in the 17th century. Originally, it had wooden shingles that were hidden by a brick vault.

The chapel has undergone two notable restorations: one after the Spanish Civil War, due to the significant damage that it suffered; and another in 2013. This most recent restoration served to reclaim the building’s shingles and restore its walls and flooring, with carpentry and painting work that brought back its original look.

The parish cemetery, located next to the chapel, dates to a more recent era. Its walls were built after the war.

St. Sebastian was a soldier who enlisted in the Roman army to aid condemned Christians during their persecution by the Roman emperor, Diocletian. In the year 288, he was sentenced to death by being shot with arrows. The saint’s following grew rapidly, and his name was invoked especially against epidemics and the plague. The city of Boadilla has a Catholic fraternity devoted to this saint, which dates back to at least the 18th century.


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Ermita de San Sebastián
Ermita de San Sebastián
Ermita de San Sebastián